I have always live in a city which is located in the South of the country. As we all know, the economy will growth faster in southern part and my hometown is the provincial capital of the Province, as a result, this city filled with opportunity, success, risk, and failure. We need manage our risk in this city so that to prevent us from loss. So, after I finished my high school in my hometown, and I get to university in United States for further study in Risk Management. While attending the university, I was surprised that this University is located in the South of United States. In addition, I was attracted by the scenic study environment and strong academic atmosphere here. I hope that I am able to continue study in this University and I am really attracted by the cultural differences. Studying abroad is a huge challenge for everyone, but I would like accept the challenge. I am always make study plans and understand the consequences to pursue an excellent academic life of my own at present. Because I understand that as I make a decision or a promise, I should bear the consequences, whether it is good or bad. I had read a variety of books about Finance, especially in Risk Management. Finally I had found Risk management is the process that identifies loss exposures faced by an individual or organization and selects the most appropriate techniques for treating such exposures. These experiences were helpful for my future career in risk management so that I would be able to help variety of people from different countries to prevent from loss in the future.